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Based on good reputation and quality, the company continues to produce CE, TSE certified pumps and TSEK certified booster systems certificated pumps coupled with CE, TSE, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified motors complying with IEC, DIN, VDE and UL standards.

Since 2009 Varan Pompa has launched fire-fighting pumps and also the models conforming to NFPA 20. Varan Pompa products are sold all over Turkey through 350 dealers and technical services provided by 100 agencies.

Varan products are also exported to Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Albenia, Serbia, Libia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, England, Russia, Senegal, Azerbaijani, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Qatar, U.A.E.

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